Malaysia’s two Independence Days

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In August, you will see the Malaysian flag in many places.
This is to celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day.
In Malay language, Independence Day is called “Hari Merdeka”, where “Hari” means day and “Merdeka” means independence.
There are two Independence Days in Malaysia, one on 31 August, which is called National Day, and the other on 16 September, which is called Malaysia Day.
“The first is on 31 August and is called National Day.
“The Federation of Malaya is the part of the Malay Peninsula that is now Malaysia.
Malaysia Day, on the other hand, was celebrated on 16 September 1963, when the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the Borneo Peninsula gained independence from Britain and became what is now Malaysia. As a side note, Singapore was founded in 1965, two years after Malaysia’s founding, as a separate entity from Malaysia.

Malaysia had been a colony of Portugal, Holland, England, Japan, and Britain for 300 years.
Therefore, Malaysians have a great feeling for Independence Day, and every year in August, you can see the national flag displayed all over the city. Every year, the Malaysian Independence Song is composed and is heard on the music radio, in supermarkets, and in small shops.
“Merdeka (Independence Day) sales are also held everywhere.
In recent years, as Independence Day draws near, there has been a boom in the wearing of small ribbons in the colors of the Malaysian flag and featuring the face of the country’s first president.
All proceeds from the sale go to support indigenous minorities.

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