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The Gentlemen’s Club


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In an age where men are more aware of personal grooming and style than ever, we have carefully crafted a session just for all you gentlemen out there. Dashing grooms- and groomsmen-to-be can attend a session with Wardrobe on the Art of Sartorial Dressing, along with a 12-, 15- and 18-year-old whisky tasting and appreciation with The Glenlivet. These 90-minute sessions will take place throughout our two-day event. Be sure to book your spot as there are limited seats!

Gaggenau Room, Zebra Square KL

Session 1 : 21 March, Sat, 3.00 – 4.30pm [40pax] (waiting list)
Session 2 : 22 March, Sun, 1.00 – 2.30pm [40pax]
Session 3 : 22 March, Sun, 3.00 – 4.30pm [40pax]

Smart Casual

[Strictly men only session]



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The Glenlivet
“The Glenlivet – The Single Malt That Started It All”. Crafted in the remote Livet Valley since 1824, it is the only whisky with the unchallengeable right to be called The Glenlivet. Its legacy began over 200 years ago, in an era where whisky was closely bound to the lives of every family in the glen of the Livet that was nestled in Speyside, the heartland of Scotch whisky. 

Enterprising farmer George Smith obtained the first license to produce whisky ‘legally’, and went on to produce a spirit so fine it inspired a whole region, laying the foundations for malt whisky from Speyside, as we know it today. The Glenlivet is now owned by Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of global leader Pernod Ricard.

The founders of Wardrobe – JJ Lim, AF Chai and KC Phuan – are three best friends who met while studying at London’s Tailor & Cutter Academy and London’s College of Fashion. Having sold off their first tailoring business, Spark Manshop, in 1996, they established Wardrobe in 2001 with an aim to revolutionise traditional tailoring for the 21st century man.

Backed by years of expertise in crafting suits for elite clients, including royals, politicians, celebrities and influential figures, as well as for Savile Row in London, the team offers a complete range of services, from made to measure, fashion assistance and on-location tailoring to pickup and delivery, retail ambience and more. A fusion of classic fashion and modern trends, Wardrobe seeks to breathe life and comfort into each unique piece they create.

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